A new type of person is coming into incarnation right now, almost a “next step” as humanity progresses. These people hold great hope for the future-the promise of a new humanity and civilization. They carry different energies, paradigms, and ways of thinking and feeling. These new people are called “Indigo Souls” because clairvoyancts notice the color indigo is usually prominent in the aura. Indigo is the color of the third eye; these souls have a high degree of activity in their third eye.

What is the Aquarius age bringing? Freedom, progressiveness, individuality, intellectual understanding, and group consciousness. Aquarius is an air sign. Air is the element of the mind. Aquarius works primarily through the third eye. Incresed stimulation of the third eye through the incoming Aquariuan energies is awakening in humanity a new level of mental activity, understanding, and intuition into the subtle worlds. An age emerges from inside of us and then gets expressed outward. The stimulation of the third eye and the mind creates a fundamentally different psychology in the Aquarian person, a psychology based upon an incresed activitiy of the mind. Our minds are questing. We want to know. The average person in the First World can read and write, uses a computer, and lives in a world of technological and scientific marvels. We approach life not only with feeling but also with the mind. We don’t believe because someone tells us to; we want information, facts, reasons, and proof. And we want the freedom to make our own informed decisions. The third eye has two aspects, referred to as “petals.” The lower petal holds the analytical mind, with its faculty of intelligent though and reasoning. The upper petal holds what is commonly called the intuition. It’s connected to a higher mental capacity that has to do with Beingness and the Soul. It is the inflowing energies of Aquarius and their stimulation of the upper petal of the their third eye that is one of the primary forces creating what is commonly called the New Age movement. The New Age movement is the reflection of our emerging capacity to look more deeply at ourselves; our desires to know who we really are; our explorations into the subtle forces of psychology, energy, the soul, and spirit; and our awareness of our interrelationship with the larger whole.

The Aquarian soul group that is incarnating now has significant differences from the Piscean soul group. We stand within two ages: Piscean Age, which has externalized and crystallized an entire civilization with its instituions, relgions, organizations, cultures, and ways of being. We have the incoming Aquariuan energies coming into incarnation in greater and greater numbers and gradually unfolding what will in time become the next culture and civilization. In the past ten years or so the Indigo phenomena gained public attention because schools and parents were noticing a growing number of children who were “different.” These kids were highly individual, rebellious, and very intelligent, and didn’t fit in the established school system. They had unusually fast minds that moved at different pace than that of “normal” kids. (The attention deficit disorder syndrome) They had a different spirit, way or relating, and sense of who they were. They knew they were different, but they didn’t know why, what ie meant, how to handle it, or what they were supposed to do with it. Many of them felt there was something wrong with them because they didn’t fit, with the resultant feelings of inferiority, self-judgement, and so forth. What a strange and painful thing: People who were so beautiful and carried such potential of the new, yet were struggling so deeply.These people have a deep need to understand themselves. It is not easy being and Indigo Adult, their job is hard. They have incarnated into an environment that does not support them and activley tries to shut them down.

We are now in the moment when the Wheel of Dharma is getting its initiating impulse. The “Wheel of Dharma” is a “see-saw” effect; toward the end of an age the ideas, though great contributions, become crystallized and entrenches. The impulse of that formed the age runs down.

When a new astrological sign comes in at the beginning of an age, it brings a fundamentally different set of thought forms that conflict with the older established thought forms from the previous age. One of the hought forms from the Piscean Age that is still highly prevalent has been embodied in Christianity and can be stated simple as “we are born as sinners.” Now compare that thought from the one of the new thought forms of the Aquarian Age: “I love myself, I celebrate myself.” Can you imagine a civilization based on the dignity and empowerment of each person?! Where people feel deeply woven with the whole, and innately feel valued and that they belong? And where, out of this empowerment, they feel lovingly committed to making the world a better place to live? They can celebrate their bodies and live richly in their sense, yet be simultaneously connected to their spirituality. They can love themselves and give themselves permission to be big and bright and beautiful. The differences in feeling, attitude, and behavior of this type of person are bound to result in significant changes in the social structure.

Many Indigo Souls are not getting the type of nurturance in which to grow. They are not recognized or supported for who they are. The beauty and value of what they carry is not seen. Other people often find them different, perhaps strange. They are sometimes even seen as a threat by those around them. And because they think and feel different and don’t fit in, they often judge and negate themselves, sometimes becoming their own worst critics. They end up going through life somehow not being themselves. They feel themselves behaving, thinking and feeling in ways that are not in alignment with who they know themselves really to be deep inside. The highly refined sensitivities that are natural to most Indigo Souls are battered and harmed by the denser vibrations of our world today. EX: Imagine a highly intelligent Indigo Child with an open third eye. Such children have a keen and penetrating insight into things and situations, and a lot of clarity as to what is going on within their family. They see the tensions and fears, lies and deceptions, and aggressions and competition that are at play, though usually not spoken about. We all know the innocent directness of children and how they can put their finger onto the heart of an issue, right on to the sensitive places that we adults dont want to talk about. We often respond dishonestly and the capacity of insight that sits in their upper their eye is receiving a hit and it can suffer a wound. In addition to this wounding and the feeling of being alien, Indigo Souls need a fundamentally different way of living and relating but most are not finding it. We all need to make money to pay the bills but in many cases the creative spirit in an Indigo Soul cannot earn money with his or her talents. It is painful and limiting and can be destructive on the expansion of life and the flow of energy within him or her.

Begin recognize and honoring the new paradigms, values, and energies that are within us. Through inner work, it is to embody this in our psyches and our lives by becoming fully the people that we know we can be. Find the courage to express, to build, and to externalize into form the New that we contain. It is important that we keep our eyes on the bigger picture and remember that every step we take is another step on the path, and that the path is taking us to great heights, both personally and collectively. As we are making vibratory transformations in what seems to be our personal life, we are making changes to the vibratory substance of the planet itself. In a very short period of time, we are changing thousands of years of vibratory structure. We are laying the foundations for the next 2,000 years. The more that we can make a positive change now, the more we set a solid foundation for the next age to be built upon. Great responsibility and great opportunity sits with us.

As Indigo Souls, you have a fundamentally different inner quality to your thinking, your feelings, and the energies that you carry. You carry a sense of values, a vision of potential, a sensitivity and respect for life, and a sense of inter-connectedness that makes you life-affirmative and in honor and support of all living things. Because we, as a group of souls, have more impact-more effect upon the world and its structures and institutions-we will create and produce fundamental changes and shifts in the structures of civilization and society. You are connected to an inner voice and a rhythm of being. You have a strong sense of yourself and who you are. This makes it difficult for you to listen to what you are told to do, or “should” do. You are attuned to this inner life and follow it more easily than you do the outer voices of society or the voices of others around you. There is a strong awareness in you if you are being controlled, limited, or pressured from the outside. And if you are, you will fight against it. You are the majority of Indigo Souls. You are basically gentle people, you are not polarized in the solar plexus. You are polarized in the heart. In that sense you are more respectful and gentle, you don’t want conflict and you try to avoid it. You end up playing roles or wearing masks that are necessary for survival in this society but these masks never feel right. These roles are too limiting.

You have a feel sense of carrying something “new,” carrying something that you feel is a “better” way. a more life-affirmative way. You aspire toward a higher possibility. You have probably been seeing possibilities since you were very young. “Why should we do it this way; it seems limiting; it seems disrespectful; why? I know there is a better way.” You have sensed that there is a better way, and there is a better way. One of the greatest challenges to follow your heart, your vision, and your spirit, especially in the face of non-understanding from others or outright adversity. Remember that you are here as an agent of change. You are here to begin to live and embody-in your own life, in your own way of Being- something New. You are here to express that to others in a respectful way. It takes courage. Bright souls-visionary souls- have always been coming into incarnation. These are the souls who were burnt at the stake and who were persecuted by the Inquisition. So in this collective racial memory, there is a deep fear of the new vision that you carry inside of you. Your vision and your truth have been life-threatning in the past, and your protection system is deeply threatened by them. In some ways you are still a misfit and a stranger to many people around you.

Another importance to you is “intuitive sense of truth.” You have a love of truth. When truth is there it has a kind of clean and pure sound that you feel in your body and that makes your spirit rejoice. The challenge is that you face is that we live in a world of deception and lies. We live in a society that is based on appearances, not on truth. We are brought up as children to behave in a certain way and show a certain face. The result is that many of us have to repress our truth sense, we have to repress our own feelings. One of the greatest losses that happen to us in that many of us disconnect, at least on the conscious level, from our truth sense. Perhaps we put on blinders. We may see the good in other people but our filters are blocking us from seeing the destructive patterns that person is carrying, with the result that we get hurt. Seeing the truth is wonderfully refreshing. If you see a problem and you look it in the eye, then you know what the problem is and you can do something about it. > In a sense truth equals intimacy, because, if you are in truth, and the other is in his or her truth, then there is a meeting of the inner with the inner, instead of meeting of the mask that veils with the mask of the other that veils, as normally the case. To become real means to put your walls and your masks away, and let yourself be seen and become more vulnerable. So truth, honesty, intimacy, and vulnerability are all deeply woven together. You are seeking this from relating, and nothing else will satisfy you. You are blessed and cursed with a perpetual sense of dissatisfaction with who you are and with what the world is. One part of you is always, always aware that you could be more— more loving, more in your energy, more sensitive, more powerful, more, more, more— in a thousand different ways more. And that is true. Your soul is calling you to be more. Your soul is stretching you to be more. In so many ways you are constantly working on yourself, challenging yourself, and pushing yourself to be more.

Everyone needs to read “Indigo Adults” I can’t outline it all because I’m lazy but it’s well worth the $16.
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